Glossybox unboxing

They call it a surprise box; it is maybe the best surprise of the month. I don’t exaggerate when I say that Glossybox acts like my best friend; I always get pretty much what I need. Even if I read most of the reviews from other subscribers, I am extremely impressed how unique every box looks like.
I cannot mention enough how much I appreciate a hand-written received in the mailbox. It is not only the words, but the idea of seeing, opening and enjoying a letter written for you by a dear person. Well, I mean the positive surprise of receiving a letter; let’s keep it positive! Just put a ribbon around a box and you can see the happiness on anyone’s face. With Glossybox I have the same feeling: my best friend sends me something I love and I am looking forward to checking them out. My dear friend: no, I don’t expect so much every month :)! Glossybox is here for exactly what I need. Continue reading