My choices for nail polish in spring

Everywhere online it’s stated something about the SS17 trends in regards with nail polish colors. I would risk to say that there is no trend; the most important trend is the one that fits you the best, especially when it comes to matching the clothes and nail shape. I would say that the most important is to be sure that the nails are nicely taken care of 😊.

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My 10 spring essentials

Water, veggies, fruits, flowers, spring clothes and others. I made a selection of 10 spring essential. Check it out below!


I guess I am not the only one who does not drink enough water nowadays. Well, it is a problem I guess; at least everyone keeps forcing me to drink more. Water 😊 I tried several ‘’secrets’’ to increase the amount of liquids I drink every day. Smoothie, soup, juice, tea, coffee… Nothing is like water, they say. I discovered many types of bottles which are supposed to make people crave for water. It does not work for me. Not even the phone apps with friendly reminders. Now, that spring has come (kind of), I feel like I need to get my skin ready for summer and water is THE one. Some people also say that drinking still water regularly (I don’t want to give any numbers here; I also hate hearing about ‘’more than 2 litres per day’’) will help you look fit. This thing kind of convinced me. So, practically, I started drinking a warm cup of water with lemon every morning. It helps digestion, it makes you feel awake and at least you are sure you have one cup of water per day 😃. Continue reading