How I motivate myself

“If you want to fly, give up everything that weights you down.”

You had a very hard week or you had some personal issues or you just gave up your biggest dream?! That moment when you just want to lay in bed, close all the doors that were once widely open, hide yourself in the darkest side of your soul and refuse to tell the words that once made you happy. In one of these days you should just allow yourself to hide, to cover your insecurities with the dark green curtains and let the sleep bring the calmness into your body. You will probably not need more than one day, because the dreams you cover are too bright and too big to be captured within some bed sheets.

We all have at least once that feeling that the life is too hard and unfair, that you want to smash all the things in front of you, that you wish to have done things better or differently, that you should have chosen something else. If you are still doing something that does not show the brightest side of yourself, then you know exactly what to do. But if you know for sure what makes that big smile become even bigger, these eyes become even more shinny and that ambition become stronger, then you should just allow yourself to be. Continue reading

My de-stress routine

Everyone has a super stressful day from time to time or maybe just a weird mood. This is the perfect reason for getting some time for yourself. It happens sometimes to just need a break from work, stress, worries or whatever makes you feel uncomfortable. As we all live this life where everything goes fast (it is evening sooner than you expected, the night sleep is way too little), we should also consider some treats for ourselves. Some people would party, others would sleep one weekend and some extra days, others would eat chocolate or watch movies all night. I love spending some time with myself whenever is necessary and here I will show you how I do it. The secret is to relax and to not think much about any of the issues bothering you. Well, it is quite impossible, but do try to keep your mind blank.

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