How I fight with the headache #1

Spring or not, there are sometimes days when you get suddenly headache. Apparently, no painkiller sends it away and Google only informs you that you might have several life threatening diseases. Doctor visits, lots of water, sleep, food and much more. If none of this works out, be sure you are not sick. With not appropriate medical knowledge, I can tell you that not your body is ill, but your soul. Maybe it is stress, maybe worries, maybe sadness, maybe you just need a break.

Firstly, I have tried all the medical and non-medical recommendations, I drank more water than my body could accept, I overslept, I was pretty much healthy. What nobody told me was to relax. Maybe a massage, maybe hot bath, an herbal tea, a nice book, a holiday or whatever works for you. All these bits can contribute together to a painless life. Continue reading