Makeup I love at the moment

Let’s say spring just arrived and left in the same time. Still, I really feel like wearing spring makeup. Well, what is spring makeup? For me it is for sure a fresh, clean and glowy makeup. Lately, I try to avoid super shimmery shadows. However, glitter sparkle cannot beat anything else.

No-makeup makeup is still makeup, guys. What I think lots of people miss is that makeup is not only eyeshadow, liner or mascara. So, if you put tons of foundation on, your no-makeup makeup is actually cake-makeup. You know what I mean with this. About contouring I prefer to skip talking, as it makes no sense to say that a straight line on both cheeks can ever be a no-makeup makeup. So, when I’m not a master at this, I just don’t do it 😉

At the moment, I really feel like showing my real age as well as possible (still enjoying it 😉 ). Well, a bit younger is also not a big problem ;). What I do for it?! I just try to enhance whatever I like about myself by using makeup.

This is exactly what I use as everyday look most of the time. And it makes me feel so healthy and fresh and never “too much”. I love hearing “wow, you look way better without makeup”, when I actually spend 30 minutes putting on makeup :).

P.S. Secret! It’s quite hard to meet me when I have no makeup on 😉 Continue reading