Get ready with me for festival

Yuhu!! The festival time starts and I am more than ready for it. I am definitely not a master in music festivals and I am not going to pretend it here just so I look cool. I just like being in the nature from time to time, listening to good music, being surrounded by great people who know exactly how to be themselves. This is exactly why I enjoy taking part in this kind of summer activities; the fact that people are in their natural environment and there is no pretending. They are all friends just by being in the same dreamy place and feeling themselves to the maximum. There is no hate, no judgement. Continue reading

Makeup I love at the moment

Let’s say spring just arrived and left in the same time. Still, I really feel like wearing spring makeup. Well, what is spring makeup? For me it is for sure a fresh, clean and glowy makeup. Lately, I try to avoid super shimmery shadows. However, glitter sparkle cannot beat anything else.

No-makeup makeup is still makeup, guys. What I think lots of people miss is that makeup is not only eyeshadow, liner or mascara. So, if you put tons of foundation on, your no-makeup makeup is actually cake-makeup. You know what I mean with this. About contouring I prefer to skip talking, as it makes no sense to say that a straight line on both cheeks can ever be a no-makeup makeup. So, when I’m not a master at this, I just don’t do it 😉

At the moment, I really feel like showing my real age as well as possible (still enjoying it 😉 ). Well, a bit younger is also not a big problem ;). What I do for it?! I just try to enhance whatever I like about myself by using makeup.

This is exactly what I use as everyday look most of the time. And it makes me feel so healthy and fresh and never “too much”. I love hearing “wow, you look way better without makeup”, when I actually spend 30 minutes putting on makeup :).

P.S. Secret! It’s quite hard to meet me when I have no makeup on 😉 Continue reading