Dordogne- the fairy tale of France

Many years ago, I had one of the biggest surprise of my life when I realized that France is actually more than what tourists see in Paris. I had a two-week study trip in Toulouse region. Being a field trip, I had the chance to discover the real France; the nature and the people. The surprise left a big hole into my soul which was growing faster and faster. I knew I did not see a lot, I knew I was too young to actually understand something, I knew I would give myself several years until the big date. I wanted to take time to enjoy what I quickly saw during that trip, to breath in and out as many times as I want, without feeling guilty for wasting my time. Firstly, I was impressed by the houses, then by the nature that keeps everything intact like in heaven, but I did not stop there. I met the people and the wine coming together with them, I met the ones that were creating the best cheese in the world and the finest wine on the planet. There is no piece of exaggeration in my huge admiration for the region I dreamed for years. Continue reading

My de-stress routine

Everyone has a super stressful day from time to time or maybe just a weird mood. This is the perfect reason for getting some time for yourself. It happens sometimes to just need a break from work, stress, worries or whatever makes you feel uncomfortable. As we all live this life where everything goes fast (it is evening sooner than you expected, the night sleep is way too little), we should also consider some treats for ourselves. Some people would party, others would sleep one weekend and some extra days, others would eat chocolate or watch movies all night. I love spending some time with myself whenever is necessary and here I will show you how I do it. The secret is to relax and to not think much about any of the issues bothering you. Well, it is quite impossible, but do try to keep your mind blank.

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