Grandma’s drink for sore throat

If you are searching for the best recipe to fight the sore throat, keep reading! It is revolutionary (and super tasty)!

For some weeks already, I thought that I will just get rid of my winter clothes and enjoy the spring pastels. Sandals, hats, skirts and all these items that scream “spring”. Well, it seems like it was a joke. No surprise that I could still see people on the streets wearing their winter parkas. Together with the cherry blossom from the trees, I also got enthusiastic about the sun. So enthusiastic, blindly in love with the spring colors, and so disappointed to end up bringing back my deeply hidden winter jumpers.

No, the sandals were not a good idea when outside it was snowing in the middle of April. As the party season is on and there is no chance to stay in bed and recover, I had to come up with a reliable recipe. What else if not the old recipe from my grandma?! She always knew the best way to make sure I always go to school even when I get sick 😉 It’s fortunately not the case anymore, but I would love to go party when the weekend comes. Try it out and I promise there is a big chance that you will dance this weekend! Enjoy! Continue reading