Mini Pavlovas recipe (personal touch)

You know that moment when you plan to bake something and it does not turn well?! Maybe you have friends over or your mother-in-law planned a last-minute visit?  You are screwed and wish it was all just a dream. Well, luckily I was just baking for fun, but I ended up angry, frustrated, annoyed and almost decided to never bake again.

I planned to impress my boyfriend with some cute and amazing mini Pavlovas. Crunchy, fluffy, creamy and fruity. This was my plan. My grandma used to advise me to never bake when I am not in a good mood, otherwise my cake will not end up well. Hahaha…. I still remember laughing about this crazy idea and planned to prove her the opposite. I guess now she would laugh hard of me, especially because it is not my first time making Pavlova. Maybe it was a bad day, maybe the stars, maybe the negative energy, maybe some bad spirits…. Just kidding 😊.

I am quite sure there are AT LEAST 3 reasons for this failure: egg whites had a tiny bit of yolk between them, the mixer bowl had the smallest drop of water, the sugar was not added step by step. The funny part was in the evening when I placed the nicely decorated dessert on the dinner table. “Shall I apologize for not looking good or just pretend this beauty was meant to look like this?!”.

Long story short, it is just amazing and way better than I expected. So, I decided that it is worth sharing the story with you and showing you a great way of using some destroyed “not that fluffy” egg whites. Do find below the recipe and let me know how you do it . Next time I will get an update recipe for a real pavlova. Ah… and sorry for the ones who feel offended by the way my mini Pavlovas look like (my Kiwi friends 😀 )! Continue reading

Homemade lemon cream wafers

I share this recipe with you so I can wish you a happy International Children’s Day for yesterday! These are just some bits from my sweet childhood when my mum enjoyed so much preparing this dessert for us. She made it for Christmas, Easter or any other day when she felt like cooking. Normally she would not eat much of this desert, but I am sure she loved to see how enthusiastic we were. I was always around helping and this looked extremely complicated back then. Well, now I know why she loved it so much. It is very easy to make, but fantastic to serve, it is fresh and not heavy at all. Because it is a great summer weekend with (hopefully) lot of sun, I would love to know that you will recreate this recipe. Hope you enjoy my mum’s recipe! Continue reading

The fastest dessert

What do you do when your friends call and ask to come by your place in 30 minutes? How are you waiting for them? I am quite sure some of you will say: A bottle of wine is more than enough. I fully agree! 🙂 However, if you have friends who really appreciate your desserts, you want to impress them even on short notice. My advice is to keep it simple, super tasty and, the most important, be sure that it looks impressive. This does not mean that you have to learn some new decoration techniques or make some kind of art out of your 10-minutes dessert. Some fruits on top of anything is the least you can do. Trust me, it always works, especially when you have good music, drinks and lots of fun. Don´t worry about the shot from the beginning, it is already in the cake. Try it out and let me know how impressed were your friends. Enjoy it! Continue reading