The mushroom soup

I cannot tell you how much I love mushrooms and the famous mushroom soup. For me, this is a perfect soup for summer which I enjoy warm or cold for lunch or dinner. There are a lot of recipes on internet and I should agree that you can never go wrong with any of them. You can use fresh or canned mushrooms; whatever you like. The type of mushrooms used is also important when it comes to taste, so choose your favourite ones :).

I should mention that this recipe is the best and easiest I have ever tried. I was impressed myself by the taste and flavor. It feels so fresh and the mushroom taste is extremely authentic. Try it out and let me know how much you love it. Enjoy it!

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Get ready with me for festival

Yuhu!! The festival time starts and I am more than ready for it. I am definitely not a master in music festivals and I am not going to pretend it here just so I look cool. I just like being in the nature from time to time, listening to good music, being surrounded by great people who know exactly how to be themselves. This is exactly why I enjoy taking part in this kind of summer activities; the fact that people are in their natural environment and there is no pretending. They are all friends just by being in the same dreamy place and feeling themselves to the maximum. There is no hate, no judgement. Continue reading

My choices for nail polish in spring

Everywhere online it’s stated something about the SS17 trends in regards with nail polish colors. I would risk to say that there is no trend; the most important trend is the one that fits you the best, especially when it comes to matching the clothes and nail shape. I would say that the most important is to be sure that the nails are nicely taken care of 😊.

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My de-stress routine

Everyone has a super stressful day from time to time or maybe just a weird mood. This is the perfect reason for getting some time for yourself. It happens sometimes to just need a break from work, stress, worries or whatever makes you feel uncomfortable. As we all live this life where everything goes fast (it is evening sooner than you expected, the night sleep is way too little), we should also consider some treats for ourselves. Some people would party, others would sleep one weekend and some extra days, others would eat chocolate or watch movies all night. I love spending some time with myself whenever is necessary and here I will show you how I do it. The secret is to relax and to not think much about any of the issues bothering you. Well, it is quite impossible, but do try to keep your mind blank.

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My 10 spring essentials

Water, veggies, fruits, flowers, spring clothes and others. I made a selection of 10 spring essential. Check it out below!


I guess I am not the only one who does not drink enough water nowadays. Well, it is a problem I guess; at least everyone keeps forcing me to drink more. Water 😊 I tried several ‘’secrets’’ to increase the amount of liquids I drink every day. Smoothie, soup, juice, tea, coffee… Nothing is like water, they say. I discovered many types of bottles which are supposed to make people crave for water. It does not work for me. Not even the phone apps with friendly reminders. Now, that spring has come (kind of), I feel like I need to get my skin ready for summer and water is THE one. Some people also say that drinking still water regularly (I don’t want to give any numbers here; I also hate hearing about ‘’more than 2 litres per day’’) will help you look fit. This thing kind of convinced me. So, practically, I started drinking a warm cup of water with lemon every morning. It helps digestion, it makes you feel awake and at least you are sure you have one cup of water per day 😃. Continue reading

The fastest dessert

What do you do when your friends call and ask to come by your place in 30 minutes? How are you waiting for them? I am quite sure some of you will say: A bottle of wine is more than enough. I fully agree! 🙂 However, if you have friends who really appreciate your desserts, you want to impress them even on short notice. My advice is to keep it simple, super tasty and, the most important, be sure that it looks impressive. This does not mean that you have to learn some new decoration techniques or make some kind of art out of your 10-minutes dessert. Some fruits on top of anything is the least you can do. Trust me, it always works, especially when you have good music, drinks and lots of fun. Don´t worry about the shot from the beginning, it is already in the cake. Try it out and let me know how impressed were your friends. Enjoy it! Continue reading

The finest ice cream

This blog post is something really special for me, as I write about… ice cream. When I was younger, I thought I look unique if I say I don’t like ice cream. Well, it was kind of true, if we are looking now at the amount of ice cream I normally eat. Sometimes it happens to wake up craving for ice cream, but it takes one bite to realize that this is not my favorite dessert.

Why this long intro story?! So, people could understand how honest I am when I say: I discovered the best ice cream. The good thing for my body shape is that I cannot find it in the supermarkets. I need to take the tram, the underground and to walk some minutes to reach this ice cream from heaven. Continue reading

Glossybox unboxing

They call it a surprise box; it is maybe the best surprise of the month. I don’t exaggerate when I say that Glossybox acts like my best friend; I always get pretty much what I need. Even if I read most of the reviews from other subscribers, I am extremely impressed how unique every box looks like.
I cannot mention enough how much I appreciate a hand-written received in the mailbox. It is not only the words, but the idea of seeing, opening and enjoying a letter written for you by a dear person. Well, I mean the positive surprise of receiving a letter; let’s keep it positive! Just put a ribbon around a box and you can see the happiness on anyone’s face. With Glossybox I have the same feeling: my best friend sends me something I love and I am looking forward to checking them out. My dear friend: no, I don’t expect so much every month :)! Glossybox is here for exactly what I need. Continue reading

Picnic party at Monica’s

My close friends already know how much I love surprising people, cooking and baking for my dear ones, giving small presents now and then. I do it to see the big smile on their faces and to get free hugs :). Basically, I enjoy making these things; from planning to really doing them.

Sunday afternoon. I knew for sure I want to have a picnic party in the garden, so I made a big event invitation. From this point the madness started… I went through Pinterest and Instagram and search for the best ideas to throw a cute and easy picnic party. Party actually means a nice place, great people, good food, champagne and some music 🙂 . Continue reading