June Favourites

It is the FAVOURITES time of the month! I am so excited to share with you my mostly used or loved products in the last month 😊. Given the fact that I received really great products in my GLOSSYBOX lately, I have had the chance to try many things (see my blog post). Luckily, this month was a perfect one regarding the weather: enough rain, lots of sun and thousands of flowers around. I really enjoyed the first month of summer because it gave me already that holiday mood. Continue reading

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Face Cleaning

When it comes to skin care I can say that I struggle a bit to find the right products for me. My skin is sometimes dry, sometimes oily, but it can also get sensitive from time to time. My dermatologist calls it “normal”. I panicked several times when suddenly my face cream was not appropriate for my skin anymore or when my cleaning products were too rough for my face skin. I learned that there are soooo many factors which can influence the aspect of your skin, so it is just impossible to use only one type of product. I tried natural skin products, organic ones, cheap or expensive, it is just a matter of time to change my mind. I decided to start learning more about my skin and to give it time. My face skin changes depending on the amount of water I drink, the stress factors (exams, menstruation, worries), the environment (dust, wind, sun), temperature or even the misuse of a beauty product. I have no acne, no allergy, no irritation, yet I can still get them if I am not taking care of my skin properly 😊. Continue reading

Eyewear trends SS17

Elegant, colourful, metal or plastic. Glasses are not only a necessity anymore, they are an accessory. When I have been told that from 4 years old I am supposed to wear glasses, I suffered a lot. And it was not even the makeup problem or the frame shape, it was just the fact that I had a problem. In few years, this issue changed completely. When I was 12 and I found out that my eyes are healthy again, I almost begged my doctor to get me a new prescription. I had the feeling that I did not experience all the models of glasses available on the market, I wanted to be the coolest child at school. Now it is not an issue anymore, it is nothing secret in buying glasses to match your outfit even without getting a prescription. Continue reading

My choices for nail polish in spring

Everywhere online it’s stated something about the SS17 trends in regards with nail polish colors. I would risk to say that there is no trend; the most important trend is the one that fits you the best, especially when it comes to matching the clothes and nail shape. I would say that the most important is to be sure that the nails are nicely taken care of 😊.

Continue reading

Glossybox unboxing

They call it a surprise box; it is maybe the best surprise of the month. I don’t exaggerate when I say that Glossybox acts like my best friend; I always get pretty much what I need. Even if I read most of the reviews from other subscribers, I am extremely impressed how unique every box looks like.
I cannot mention enough how much I appreciate a hand-written received in the mailbox. It is not only the words, but the idea of seeing, opening and enjoying a letter written for you by a dear person. Well, I mean the positive surprise of receiving a letter; let’s keep it positive! Just put a ribbon around a box and you can see the happiness on anyone’s face. With Glossybox I have the same feeling: my best friend sends me something I love and I am looking forward to checking them out. My dear friend: no, I don’t expect so much every month :)! Glossybox is here for exactly what I need. Continue reading

Makeup I love at the moment

Let’s say spring just arrived and left in the same time. Still, I really feel like wearing spring makeup. Well, what is spring makeup? For me it is for sure a fresh, clean and glowy makeup. Lately, I try to avoid super shimmery shadows. However, glitter sparkle cannot beat anything else.

No-makeup makeup is still makeup, guys. What I think lots of people miss is that makeup is not only eyeshadow, liner or mascara. So, if you put tons of foundation on, your no-makeup makeup is actually cake-makeup. You know what I mean with this. About contouring I prefer to skip talking, as it makes no sense to say that a straight line on both cheeks can ever be a no-makeup makeup. So, when I’m not a master at this, I just don’t do it 😉

At the moment, I really feel like showing my real age as well as possible (still enjoying it 😉 ). Well, a bit younger is also not a big problem ;). What I do for it?! I just try to enhance whatever I like about myself by using makeup.

This is exactly what I use as everyday look most of the time. And it makes me feel so healthy and fresh and never “too much”. I love hearing “wow, you look way better without makeup”, when I actually spend 30 minutes putting on makeup :).

P.S. Secret! It’s quite hard to meet me when I have no makeup on 😉 Continue reading