Dordogne- the fairy tale of France

Many years ago, I had one of the biggest surprise of my life when I realized that France is actually more than what tourists see in Paris. I had a two-week study trip in Toulouse region. Being a field trip, I had the chance to discover the real France; the nature and the people. The surprise left a big hole into my soul which was growing faster and faster. I knew I did not see a lot, I knew I was too young to actually understand something, I knew I would give myself several years until the big date. I wanted to take time to enjoy what I quickly saw during that trip, to breath in and out as many times as I want, without feeling guilty for wasting my time. Firstly, I was impressed by the houses, then by the nature that keeps everything intact like in heaven, but I did not stop there. I met the people and the wine coming together with them, I met the ones that were creating the best cheese in the world and the finest wine on the planet. There is no piece of exaggeration in my huge admiration for the region I dreamed for years. Continue reading

Travel packing for summer

I have been away for the weekend and I was thinking to share with you my packing tips. I always have a checklist prepared, but it also depends on the destination or the season. This checklist might change slightly. Now, I went somewhere in the nature in the southern part of France and it was rain and sun in the forecast. This makes it a bit more complicated, but I wanted to be ready for any weather surprise. My holiday was actually a long weekend, so I spent there around three full days. Of course, I had this aspect in mind when I started packing, but I also added some items extra just to be sure 🙂 🙂 🙂 . You can definitely take less stuff with you in case the suitcase is smaller, or you don’t feel like carying too much with you.

Take a look on my checklist below and let me know if there is something you would add to it 😊. Continue reading

How I motivate myself

“If you want to fly, give up everything that weights you down.”

You had a very hard week or you had some personal issues or you just gave up your biggest dream?! That moment when you just want to lay in bed, close all the doors that were once widely open, hide yourself in the darkest side of your soul and refuse to tell the words that once made you happy. In one of these days you should just allow yourself to hide, to cover your insecurities with the dark green curtains and let the sleep bring the calmness into your body. You will probably not need more than one day, because the dreams you cover are too bright and too big to be captured within some bed sheets.

We all have at least once that feeling that the life is too hard and unfair, that you want to smash all the things in front of you, that you wish to have done things better or differently, that you should have chosen something else. If you are still doing something that does not show the brightest side of yourself, then you know exactly what to do. But if you know for sure what makes that big smile become even bigger, these eyes become even more shinny and that ambition become stronger, then you should just allow yourself to be. Continue reading

Get ready with me for festival

Yuhu!! The festival time starts and I am more than ready for it. I am definitely not a master in music festivals and I am not going to pretend it here just so I look cool. I just like being in the nature from time to time, listening to good music, being surrounded by great people who know exactly how to be themselves. This is exactly why I enjoy taking part in this kind of summer activities; the fact that people are in their natural environment and there is no pretending. They are all friends just by being in the same dreamy place and feeling themselves to the maximum. There is no hate, no judgement. Continue reading

My de-stress routine

Everyone has a super stressful day from time to time or maybe just a weird mood. This is the perfect reason for getting some time for yourself. It happens sometimes to just need a break from work, stress, worries or whatever makes you feel uncomfortable. As we all live this life where everything goes fast (it is evening sooner than you expected, the night sleep is way too little), we should also consider some treats for ourselves. Some people would party, others would sleep one weekend and some extra days, others would eat chocolate or watch movies all night. I love spending some time with myself whenever is necessary and here I will show you how I do it. The secret is to relax and to not think much about any of the issues bothering you. Well, it is quite impossible, but do try to keep your mind blank.

Continue reading

My 10 spring essentials

Water, veggies, fruits, flowers, spring clothes and others. I made a selection of 10 spring essential. Check it out below!


I guess I am not the only one who does not drink enough water nowadays. Well, it is a problem I guess; at least everyone keeps forcing me to drink more. Water 😊 I tried several ‘’secrets’’ to increase the amount of liquids I drink every day. Smoothie, soup, juice, tea, coffee… Nothing is like water, they say. I discovered many types of bottles which are supposed to make people crave for water. It does not work for me. Not even the phone apps with friendly reminders. Now, that spring has come (kind of), I feel like I need to get my skin ready for summer and water is THE one. Some people also say that drinking still water regularly (I don’t want to give any numbers here; I also hate hearing about ‘’more than 2 litres per day’’) will help you look fit. This thing kind of convinced me. So, practically, I started drinking a warm cup of water with lemon every morning. It helps digestion, it makes you feel awake and at least you are sure you have one cup of water per day 😃. Continue reading

The finest ice cream

This blog post is something really special for me, as I write about… ice cream. When I was younger, I thought I look unique if I say I don’t like ice cream. Well, it was kind of true, if we are looking now at the amount of ice cream I normally eat. Sometimes it happens to wake up craving for ice cream, but it takes one bite to realize that this is not my favorite dessert.

Why this long intro story?! So, people could understand how honest I am when I say: I discovered the best ice cream. The good thing for my body shape is that I cannot find it in the supermarkets. I need to take the tram, the underground and to walk some minutes to reach this ice cream from heaven. Continue reading

Picnic party at Monica’s

My close friends already know how much I love surprising people, cooking and baking for my dear ones, giving small presents now and then. I do it to see the big smile on their faces and to get free hugs :). Basically, I enjoy making these things; from planning to really doing them.

Sunday afternoon. I knew for sure I want to have a picnic party in the garden, so I made a big event invitation. From this point the madness started… I went through Pinterest and Instagram and search for the best ideas to throw a cute and easy picnic party. Party actually means a nice place, great people, good food, champagne and some music 🙂 . Continue reading

How I fight with the headache #1

Spring or not, there are sometimes days when you get suddenly headache. Apparently, no painkiller sends it away and Google only informs you that you might have several life threatening diseases. Doctor visits, lots of water, sleep, food and much more. If none of this works out, be sure you are not sick. With not appropriate medical knowledge, I can tell you that not your body is ill, but your soul. Maybe it is stress, maybe worries, maybe sadness, maybe you just need a break.

Firstly, I have tried all the medical and non-medical recommendations, I drank more water than my body could accept, I overslept, I was pretty much healthy. What nobody told me was to relax. Maybe a massage, maybe hot bath, an herbal tea, a nice book, a holiday or whatever works for you. All these bits can contribute together to a painless life. Continue reading