June Favourites

It is the FAVOURITES time of the month! I am so excited to share with you my mostly used or loved products in the last month 😊. Given the fact that I received really great products in my GLOSSYBOX lately, I have had the chance to try many things (see my blog post). Luckily, this month was a perfect one regarding the weather: enough rain, lots of sun and thousands of flowers around. I really enjoyed the first month of summer because it gave me already that holiday mood.

I am not old, but being already 25, I have decided that I want to wear colourful and short clothes as much as possible. I am myself surprised by the fact that I have only gone for black for like 2-3 times this month, and that was for some nights out. I am enjoying pastels at the moment and my green skater dress is a go-to for this summer. This goes perfectly with some gold sandals or even with some Converse. I will keep wearing short dresses this season, so be ready to see more :D.

There was no doubt that I am going to talk about my new favourite sunglasses from Nanette. The shape is extremely special, especially in combination with the gold frames. They are very elastic and light and it makes me enjoy wearing them even when I have to run through the city to get my things done. Plus, they give a very dreamy look to any summer dress, jumpsuit or a cute skirt.

When it comes to beauty, I must say that I struggled a lot with my skin this month. Maybe it was the hay fever or just the time of the year when my skin is not happy, but I had really bad irritations. Finally, it got better and I cannot tell you how exactly because I have used all the products I could think about (check my post about cleaning products). During this time, I have received this anti spot pad from Alkemene and I fell in love from the third use. It works perfectly against pimples, blackheads and blemishes, so it was my best friend in the recovery process.

Being summer and extreeeemely warm, I think it is super important to watch out the pores. Which product is the best as primer for pores?! The POREfessional! I really think that my skin looks 10 times better when I apply this before my foundation. And it also lasts waaay longer during the day.

Fragrance?! I got this one as a present from my mum and I can tell I definitely love it! It is fresh and it suits me very well. It is called “Weekend” from Burberry, but I used it almost every day in June 😊. I don’t really know how to describe this perfume, except from: wearable in any moment of the day.

I received this liquid eyeshadow (ABSOLUTE New York- Trust Fund) from GLOSSYBOX just few hours before leaving for a festival. It was just perfect for my makeup look I wanted to create. It is very pigmented and stays on the whole day (and night 😊 ). I think it looks awesome with black eyeliner on top.

RIMMEL Apocalips Phenomenon is a great lipstick for daily use. It stays long on the lips and it leaves them super hydrated. I love this colour for my lips, especially when I go for a more extreme eye makeup. I think it is just the perfect shade for summer looks 😊.

My favourite section is not only about makeup and cosmetics, but also other stuff that I loved during the previous month. I have finished the well-known book: “Me before you”. I am not going to summarize it here, as I hope many of you will be tempted to read it. Maybe the first pages will not make you curious to find out what is about, but I can promise that after a few chapters you will not be able to leave it aside. The funny thing is that I kept reading it at the beach, in the metro, while waiting for a doctor appointment and basically anywhere. Well, I was just thinking at some point about reading it at the traffic light while driving haha 😊. Sadly, the book does not have a happy ending, or maybe not the one that you would expect, but it gives you the wish to live happily and to enjoy the moments as they come. Please promise me you will not watch the movie beforehand, as this will definitely destroy the magic this book covers.

I had a great time sharing with you my top favourite products for June. Please do let me know which are your favourites!

With love,


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