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When it comes to skin care I can say that I struggle a bit to find the right products for me. My skin is sometimes dry, sometimes oily, but it can also get sensitive from time to time. My dermatologist calls it “normal”. I panicked several times when suddenly my face cream was not appropriate for my skin anymore or when my cleaning products were too rough for my face skin. I learned that there are soooo many factors which can influence the aspect of your skin, so it is just impossible to use only one type of product. I tried natural skin products, organic ones, cheap or expensive, it is just a matter of time to change my mind. I decided to start learning more about my skin and to give it time. My face skin changes depending on the amount of water I drink, the stress factors (exams, menstruation, worries), the environment (dust, wind, sun), temperature or even the misuse of a beauty product. I have no acne, no allergy, no irritation, yet I can still get them if I am not taking care of my skin properly 😊.

What I learned about my skin so far:

  1. I definitely need to drink more water and to hydrate my skin a lot more.
  2. I should not use any face scrub when my face is sensitive, irritated or suffers from acne.
  3. I should change the skin products depending on the stage: more heavy cream for dry skin and more light and watery face cream for oily skin.
  4. I should keep using the treatment continuously until I can see some effects.
  5. I should use sun screen in the warm seasons for protecting my face skin.

Well, now I can tell you that I love using pharmaceutical skin care products. Maybe it is just my impression that they make a difference because they are sold in the pharmacy. There are cheaper versions or a bit more expensive versions. I have products from pharmacy that I always go back to and I also know some other products that I would never ever try again (I will come back to this in a future blog post). 😀

Few months ago, I purchased the Neutrogena cleaning products from the drug store in Germany. The price is affordable, so I was very tempted to try them and get a review for you. Please note that my skin type varies a lot, so what it might be good for me, might be awful for your skin.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Aqua Cleaning wipes (25 pcs.) – 2.45

These cleaning wipes are not the cheapest version you can find, so you would expect a better quality than the cheapest ones. I have never loved the cleaning wipes as a method to remove the makeup, as I find them too rough for my skin. What I love about this product is that it removes the makeup very well without drying the skin out (the name was also an indication for this, right? 😊 ). I don’t really like that the waterproof makeup is not removed that easily, but this aspect was expected from a cleaning wipe without oil. Moreover, these hydrating cleaning wipes should not be used on the lips, which is a disadvantage, I think. Therefore, I have always felt the need to still use another cleaning product afterwards.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gelée Cleaning Lotion (200 ml) – 4.95

I am a massive user of cream products for cleaning, so this lotion was my first choice. The product’s texture is really light, like a creamy gel and it is very hydrating. I have fallen in love with this cleaning lotion immediately, due to the ability to clean any type of makeup I use. The nice fresh smell is a plus to its high quality. Compared to the cleaning wipes, the lotion can be used for eyes, face skin and lips too. After using this cleanser, I do not like to apply any other type of cleaning product as the skin has a nice touch and it only needs a moisturizer. As it can be seen in the photo, I have used the cleanser more than the other products, until the point where my skin changed its phase ☹. It got very sensitive and irritated, so I could not use any cream containing acids. Therefore, I would highly recommend this cleaning lotion for dry, oily or normal skin, but not for sensitive skin.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Cleaning Gel (200 ml) – 4.95

The cleaning gel from the same range of products from Nitrogen is one of my favourite gels so far. The fresh smell and the end result makes it so great to use after using the cleaning wipes. I also use it for days when I have used no makeup and just need to clean my face from dust and other impurities. Sometimes I also try to remove my makeup only by applying the cleaning gel, but I must say that it cannot remove completely everything. The eyes do not get irritated after using it, but the skin remains a little bit dry afterwards (just as expected).

In conclusion, this range of products from Neutrogena is a nice alternative to the pharmaceutical cosmetic products, but I would use them all three combined depending on the type of skin. They all contain hyaluronic acid and glycerine, which leave a nice finish to the skin. The skin remains moisturized, fresh and healthy.

Give them a try and let me know what is your opinion.

With love,

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