How I motivate myself

“If you want to fly, give up everything that weights you down.”

You had a very hard week or you had some personal issues or you just gave up your biggest dream?! That moment when you just want to lay in bed, close all the doors that were once widely open, hide yourself in the darkest side of your soul and refuse to tell the words that once made you happy. In one of these days you should just allow yourself to hide, to cover your insecurities with the dark green curtains and let the sleep bring the calmness into your body. You will probably not need more than one day, because the dreams you cover are too bright and too big to be captured within some bed sheets.

We all have at least once that feeling that the life is too hard and unfair, that you want to smash all the things in front of you, that you wish to have done things better or differently, that you should have chosen something else. If you are still doing something that does not show the brightest side of yourself, then you know exactly what to do. But if you know for sure what makes that big smile become even bigger, these eyes become even more shinny and that ambition become stronger, then you should just allow yourself to be.

We all know that the hardest days will make the nice days even better, because you will appreciate all that comes into your life to the maximum. You have a dream which does not seem to go anywhere? It is exactly that day when you are extremely close to quit? If that is for sure your dream, you will never be able to forget it. “If you cannot stop thinking about, don’t stop working for it.”

In one of these days all you can do is allow yourself to de-stress: relax, eat some of your favourite food, have an early night and spend some time without thinking (check my de-stress therapy). The next morning, I promise you will feel a little bit better, but still not ready to start all over again. You will most probably not be able to wake up early or get to work or start writing or start searching or whatever you have to do. So, here I created a list of things I do to motivate myself in one of these days. I tried them all out and I am sure for most of you this will help and it will make you ambitious and eager to follow your dreams. It is hard and it is meant to be like this. For sure it worth it because it is YOURS.

  1. Get up and wash your face, drink a glass of water and jump back into bed.
  2. Take a motivational book and start reading. Or take your phone and go through some inspirational quotes.
  3. Listen to some TED talks about motivation or watch some short videos with stories about successful people.
  4. After a huge time spent in bed (it really does not matter how long it is, today it is your recovery day), get up! This time  you should tidy up your room, you are not going to be lazy anymore. Open the windows widely, water the flowers, tidy up your bed, play some music.
  5. Take your yoga mat and spend few minutes doing some exercises from YouTube. You will find exactly the ones you love: easier or harder, cardio or not.
  6. Take a shower and treat yourself how you like (use your favourite cosmetics, bath products).
  7. Prepare a healthy fresh breakfast: fruits and yoghurt, smoothie, muesli or whatever you consider fresh. And drink water, lots of water!
  8. Now you are ready to start working with yourself. This is the moment when you feel fresh and happier than before (it is tested). Get your favourite planner or notebook and start writing. Write about your dream and goals, about the small steps that will lead you there. Then plan for the next days what you think is feasible in order to reach some of the milestones.
  9. Maybe at this point you are not motivated enough or maybe you still think that there is no chance of getting there. I know that feeling. Take your phone or switch on your computer and contact your mentor, your hero or just your best friend. Talk about what happened, talk about that dream and listen. You will have a lot to complain, but afterwards just keep listening. They know exactly how you feel.
  10. Now that you feel kind of free, you will also feel a bit more ambitious to do something. Don’t expect much in the first day, it will be hard to get things done, but the small steps will also help you go exactly where you dream.

These are just 10 steps I take whenever I feel down and useless, whenever I am angry with myself, whenever I cannot find any reason to go on. It did not happen only once and it is normal, everyone went through this. What I can tell is that the moment you get ready again for fighting for your dream, you will be way stronger than any time before. It is important to just allow yourself to have these days, to find yourself again and to remember that: If you experienced the hardest moment until now, it means that the nice part is only about to start.

You are precious, you are strong and you can do it because you had the courage to dream it! Take care!


With love,


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