How to make perfect oats porridge

After a suuuper long break from blogging I am coming back with… a recipe, of course! This time, I have prepared something super delicious, easy and also with a funny story behind it. My best friend’s favourite breakfast is a nice full bowl of porridge and fruits 😊.

Not just any porridge, but the one that I was preparing some time ago in Denmark when we were students (she will love me even more for writing it down for her). She asked me for this recipe 1 million times and I kindly tried to explain that I don’t own any special recipe for this. I think it is just the gut feeling which makes the recipe, but this does not sound too safe, right?! Here, today, special surprise for my amazing friend, I came up with THE recipe for THE special PORRIDGE. Guys, oats and milk and fruits and… done!  Inspirated by my amazing friend, maybe the biggest food lover I know haha (*she kills me for that). Enjoy it and let me know what you think. I bet everyone has a better way of making porridge, so I would love to try :).


2 cups of oats

2 cups of milk (I would add more if I want to have a more liquid texture)

2  tablespoons honey

Chia seeds (optional)

Vanilla flavour (very optional)

Fresh fruits (or from the can, or frozen, or dry 😃 )

Secret ingredient: pinch of salt


Place the milk, the oats and the salt in a saucepan and let it cook slowly (watch out not to damage the pan, I do it 90% of the time). Stir it continuously until it becomes thick and sticky. Just before it is almost done, add the honey or the sugar. Add the vanilla powder (or whatever flavour you prefer). Place the porridge in 2 bowls and add the slices of fruits (+nuts) and the chia seeds on top. Decorate it every time differently! 😀


If you are a master of decorations, do add whatever you like on top of the fruits: coconut flakes, cinnamon, chocolate chips, vanilla sauce. For a dairy lover, I would suggest to add, together with the honey, several (5-6) tablespoons of cream cheese. I have no words to describe the creamy texture of the porridge bowl: strawberry cheesecake in 10 minutes and a bowl.

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