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Elegant, colourful, metal or plastic. Glasses are not only a necessity anymore, they are an accessory. When I have been told that from 4 years old I am supposed to wear glasses, I suffered a lot. And it was not even the makeup problem or the frame shape, it was just the fact that I had a problem. In few years, this issue changed completely. When I was 12 and I found out that my eyes are healthy again, I almost begged my doctor to get me a new prescription. I had the feeling that I did not experience all the models of glasses available on the market, I wanted to be the coolest child at school. Now it is not an issue anymore, it is nothing secret in buying glasses to match your outfit even without getting a prescription.

This is exactly what I love about Mister Spex; on their website, you can find the spring/summer 2017 trends with inspirations for getting the perfect outfit. I am not a fan of trends in general because I know that a trend should fit to your personal taste in order to be adopted. But Mister Spex is just magic, showing you what is new and which designs are freshly created by artists or bloggers. I have checked their website and have chosen 4 pieces that might fit my face shape. Classic. Minimalist. Sophisticated. Casual. Who does not have the dream to match their outfit with the glasses?! Now I need to decide which of the following frames I should order first.

Classic (Versace VE 3237 5215)

This season it is obviously very trendy to wear pastels. It is sweet, cute and feminine. Mister Spex’ specialists say that this summer the clear lines and the soft tones are the MUST. Acrylic frame is one of their recommendation for creating an airy look. I find this frame type extremely seductive and impressive to wear for spring and summer. It makes you look special and precious just by combining the plastic material with this soft rose colour.

Minimalist (Ray-Ban RX 6378 2905)

Sometimes I feel like wearing a minimalist outfit for a meeting, an interview or just a day out. The modern minimalist eyewear design with clear cut makes any simple outfit a fascinating contemporary look. The metal frames in warm brown colours have the power to catch anyone’s eye. This spring and summer you can be cool and simple in the same time just by wearing a practical pair of glasses.

Sophisticated (Marc Jacobs Marc 143)

I have days when I want to look divine and to wear the chicest outfit I can imagine. A dress or a precious blouse are just some items which need a special pair of glasses. This is the other side of my personality: I want to look fashionable. This can be possible with this new trend of stylish tortoiseshell patterns. It has somehow the power to bring the light into my eyes and to emphasize the iris colour.

Casual (Converse A 125)

As I always like changing my style based on my mood or occasion, I might very well like some sporty glasses. You know these days when you like a casual shirt or a hoodie or even your comfy joggings. Spring/summer 2017 comes with bold colours and artistic cuts. The secret of wearing this casual frames is to always go for colours. I have chosen a dark blue to get the most out of my eyes colour. It looks playful, cool and casual enough to make you feel like a fashionista.

I have obviously chosen my favourite frames from the recommended trends for spring/summer 2017. So, I would suggest to try the frames that match your face shape and, of course, your taste 😊. Out of the four frames, I would choose the minimalist one as my favourite. I am so looking forward to match it with my summer outfits. It is elegant, light and easy to wear. The casual one might be a little bit too small for my face, so maybe I will search for another casual model. The classic pair with pastel colour and acrylic frame looks amazing, but I have the feeling that a darker shade would fit my face even better. The sophisticated pair of glasses is the second one I would be happy to buy 😉.

Check their website and find your perfect match. You can try at home and send them back. You can try them online with your camera. You can just narrow down your results according to your face width by using the frame size filter. It makes it all so easy and fun. I don’t think it can get cooler than this 😊.



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