Homemade lemon cream wafers

I share this recipe with you so I can wish you a happy International Children’s Day for yesterday! These are just some bits from my sweet childhood when my mum enjoyed so much preparing this dessert for us. She made it for Christmas, Easter or any other day when she felt like cooking. Normally she would not eat much of this desert, but I am sure she loved to see how enthusiastic we were. I was always around helping and this looked extremely complicated back then. Well, now I know why she loved it so much. It is very easy to make, but fantastic to serve, it is fresh and not heavy at all. Because it is a great summer weekend with (hopefully) lot of sun, I would love to know that you will recreate this recipe. Hope you enjoy my mum’s recipe!


  • 500 ml milk
  • 5 tablespoons flour
  • 5 tablespoons icing sugar
  • 250 g butter
  • 1 condensed milk can
  • 1-2 lemon (juice + zest) (depends on preference)
  • 5 sheets wafer


The milk is slowly added into the flour in a cooking pan. The icing sugar is added also spoon by spoon. They are cooked on low heat by continuously mixing until it has pudding texture. When the milk cream is cooked, a transparent kitchen foil is placed on top of the milk pudding in order to avoid a hard layer to form on top. The cream is put aside to let it cool.

Meanwhile, the butter is softened with a kitchen blender and the condensed milk is added to it. In the end, the lemon juice and zest are mixed slowly into the cream. When the milk cream is cooled down, the two creams are mixed together slowly. I would prefer to add spoon by spoon the butter cream into the milk pudding. The final cream looks shinny and it is suuuuper delicious.

In the end, place the cream between the wafer sheets one by one. I placed the wafers on a wooden board to be sure that the sheets are straight. Normally it is not necessary to add any heavy thing on top of the last sheet, as the cream will soften the wafers. In case the wafers are super crunchy, place another wooden board on top of the last sheet.


If you like a soft and fluffy texture, add more cream between the sheets and then the wooden board on top. If you rather like a crunchy texture, keep the cream to a minimum. Leave the wafers to chill overnight and cut them in small squares or diamond shapes afterwards.

Don’t forget to share the wafers with your family or friends on a summer weekend.

Made with love,


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