June Favourites

It is the FAVOURITES time of the month! I am so excited to share with you my mostly used or loved products in the last month 😊. Given the fact that I received really great products in my GLOSSYBOX lately, I have had the chance to try many things (see my blog post). Luckily, this month was a perfect one regarding the weather: enough rain, lots of sun and thousands of flowers around. I really enjoyed the first month of summer because it gave me already that holiday mood. Continue reading

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Face Cleaning

When it comes to skin care I can say that I struggle a bit to find the right products for me. My skin is sometimes dry, sometimes oily, but it can also get sensitive from time to time. My dermatologist calls it “normal”. I panicked several times when suddenly my face cream was not appropriate for my skin anymore or when my cleaning products were too rough for my face skin. I learned that there are soooo many factors which can influence the aspect of your skin, so it is just impossible to use only one type of product. I tried natural skin products, organic ones, cheap or expensive, it is just a matter of time to change my mind. I decided to start learning more about my skin and to give it time. My face skin changes depending on the amount of water I drink, the stress factors (exams, menstruation, worries), the environment (dust, wind, sun), temperature or even the misuse of a beauty product. I have no acne, no allergy, no irritation, yet I can still get them if I am not taking care of my skin properly 😊. Continue reading

How I motivate myself

“If you want to fly, give up everything that weights you down.”

You had a very hard week or you had some personal issues or you just gave up your biggest dream?! That moment when you just want to lay in bed, close all the doors that were once widely open, hide yourself in the darkest side of your soul and refuse to tell the words that once made you happy. In one of these days you should just allow yourself to hide, to cover your insecurities with the dark green curtains and let the sleep bring the calmness into your body. You will probably not need more than one day, because the dreams you cover are too bright and too big to be captured within some bed sheets.

We all have at least once that feeling that the life is too hard and unfair, that you want to smash all the things in front of you, that you wish to have done things better or differently, that you should have chosen something else. If you are still doing something that does not show the brightest side of yourself, then you know exactly what to do. But if you know for sure what makes that big smile become even bigger, these eyes become even more shinny and that ambition become stronger, then you should just allow yourself to be. Continue reading

Eyewear trends SS17

Elegant, colourful, metal or plastic. Glasses are not only a necessity anymore, they are an accessory. When I have been told that from 4 years old I am supposed to wear glasses, I suffered a lot. And it was not even the makeup problem or the frame shape, it was just the fact that I had a problem. In few years, this issue changed completely. When I was 12 and I found out that my eyes are healthy again, I almost begged my doctor to get me a new prescription. I had the feeling that I did not experience all the models of glasses available on the market, I wanted to be the coolest child at school. Now it is not an issue anymore, it is nothing secret in buying glasses to match your outfit even without getting a prescription. Continue reading

Homemade lemon cream wafers

I share this recipe with you so I can wish you a happy International Children’s Day for yesterday! These are just some bits from my sweet childhood when my mum enjoyed so much preparing this dessert for us. She made it for Christmas, Easter or any other day when she felt like cooking. Normally she would not eat much of this desert, but I am sure she loved to see how enthusiastic we were. I was always around helping and this looked extremely complicated back then. Well, now I know why she loved it so much. It is very easy to make, but fantastic to serve, it is fresh and not heavy at all. Because it is a great summer weekend with (hopefully) lot of sun, I would love to know that you will recreate this recipe. Hope you enjoy my mum’s recipe! Continue reading