Get ready with me for festival

Yuhu!! The festival time starts and I am more than ready for it. I am definitely not a master in music festivals and I am not going to pretend it here just so I look cool. I just like being in the nature from time to time, listening to good music, being surrounded by great people who know exactly how to be themselves. This is exactly why I enjoy taking part in this kind of summer activities; the fact that people are in their natural environment and there is no pretending. They are all friends just by being in the same dreamy place and feeling themselves to the maximum. There is no hate, no judgement.

I am more than sure that not everyone likes music festival and this post may sound a bit boring. But guess what?! I am just getting ready for a party, day or night, indoor or outdoor; it is a summer party! So why not getting ready with me? ๐Ÿ˜Š Enjoy and let me know what do you think!

Skin care: This look is for an outdoor summer party. I expect a lot of sun and many degrees +, so I want to have my skin very well moisturized beforehand. I will use a face mask with minerals from the dead sea, I will add a high moisturizing SPF cream and get ready for the makeup routine.

Makeup: It is more than clear that festivals require special makeup. As tips: waterproof, metallic, sparkling, long lasting, colorful. There are just some starting points. I have chosen a peachy look; brown reddish eye shadow, peach blush and sparkling bronzer and nude lips. The lipstick I use is meant to keep the lips moisturized for looooong time, but I will always have a lip balm with me. The sun likes to kiss my lips whenever it can ๐Ÿ˜Š. The accent goes on the eyes: colorful with a bit of gold glitter. Of course, the mascara I have chosen is for lashes with volume and waterproof. I want it on my lashes the whole day and night. The skin routine is a bit more special than the usual one: I blend the face primer very well into the skin and add the long-lasting foundation on top. The concealer is also super important for this look, as I want to look fresh even if I spend the whole time under the sun shine. I will fix the foundation with translucid powder and apply the bronzer wherever I need some color into my face.

Outfit: It will be sunny and warm and wet and I want to wear something that looks nice for dancing and still does not kill me due to the heat. I wear a white summer dress with some comfy shoes (I want to dance and not to get super dirty; so, no sandals).

Accessories: It is a festival, so depending on the theme I will add some accessories to my outfit. I sometimes go very colorful or dreamy, other times very dark, but this time I have chosen to wear some pink flowers with some small gold touches (bracelets, earrings, rings). I will wear some metal tattoos (who doesnโ€™t?!) and some gold hair accessories. Of course, I will take the sunglasses with me in case the sun is super strong. I have chosen to wear a small hippie bag for my phone, money, lip balm and other small necessities.

So, this is one of my festival looks for this summer. I promise to come back with other ideas and I would love to hear from you. Enjoy the festival season!


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