Glossybox unboxing

They call it a surprise box; it is maybe the best surprise of the month. I don’t exaggerate when I say that Glossybox acts like my best friend; I always get pretty much what I need. Even if I read most of the reviews from other subscribers, I am extremely impressed how unique every box looks like.
I cannot mention enough how much I appreciate a hand-written received in the mailbox. It is not only the words, but the idea of seeing, opening and enjoying a letter written for you by a dear person. Well, I mean the positive surprise of receiving a letter; let’s keep it positive! Just put a ribbon around a box and you can see the happiness on anyone’s face. With Glossybox I have the same feeling: my best friend sends me something I love and I am looking forward to checking them out. My dear friend: no, I don’t expect so much every month :)! Glossybox is here for exactly what I need.

I grabbed a cup of cappuccino and I opened my monthly surprise. Why did I choose Glossybox?! Because I really trust in their expertise and also because I know how much they can impress the lovely users ❤. Yes, I am impressed by the amount, quality and variety of the products I received.

Let’s see how Glossybox surprised me!

Mattifying face primer by Icona Milano: Besides the fact that it is paraben and fragrance free, the texture is super soft. I like that it is not very heavy on the skin and it is also not moving under the foundation. I don’t normally use a primer, I always go for a good moisturizer and a foundation matching my skin type. But when I used this primer I could definitely tell how long the same foundation lasted.

Repairing shampoo by John Frieda (Frizz ease): It is not coincidence to receive this shampoo from the entire range. After one usage, I cannot really tell much about the effect of this product, but I can definitely say how soft and shiny my hair looked on the first day. They call it miraculous. My hair normally does not get along with any shampoo especially, so I do not expect any miracle. I promise to update you in this regard. I did not use conditioner afterwards just to see the real effect. Yes, it was a difference.

Hand cleaning gel by Merci Handy (Cherry): I love the packaging of this product, as well as the love they seem to add to each piece. I tried other fragrances from this range and I can tell that the cherry one that I got with Glossybox is not the strongest one. But it is pink and I feel ”pink” this season. An extra point for this gel is the small particles inside; they really help the dirt to be removed easily.

Calming face toner by Naobay: The same situation from the hair products: I believe that the skin products can be hardly reviewed objectively on short notice. I always give advice for using a product at least 2 weeks before concluding anything, especially for pharmaceutical skin products. What I love for sure with this toner is that it is extremely soft and gentle with my skin. It is natural and organic, containing Chamomile and Gotu Kola extracts. It has really no fragrance and it feels very natural on the skin. I will get back to you with updates!

Cream-oil-peeling by Kneipp: I cannot tell how much I love products for the body, especially for bubblebath. This peeling is super soft as it contains several types of oils such as Argan oil, almond oil, citrus oil and many others. I like this product because it is not very tough on the skin and, now that summer comes, we don’t want something to remove our tan, right?! 🙂

Tingling lip crayon by Sleek (1050: Notorious Nude): This lip pencil by Sleek was the biggest surprise of the entire box. I really cannot stop using it. The colour matches perfectly my skin tone. What I love the most is the fact that it plumps up gently the lips without any pain and also without changing the pigmented colour of the crayon. Love love love! ❤

With love,

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