Glossybox unboxing

They call it a surprise box; it is maybe the best surprise of the month. I don’t exaggerate when I say that Glossybox acts like my best friend; I always get pretty much what I need. Even if I read most of the reviews from other subscribers, I am extremely impressed how unique every box looks like.
I cannot mention enough how much I appreciate a hand-written received in the mailbox. It is not only the words, but the idea of seeing, opening and enjoying a letter written for you by a dear person. Well, I mean the positive surprise of receiving a letter; let’s keep it positive! Just put a ribbon around a box and you can see the happiness on anyone’s face. With Glossybox I have the same feeling: my best friend sends me something I love and I am looking forward to checking them out. My dear friend: no, I don’t expect so much every month :)! Glossybox is here for exactly what I need. Continue reading

Picnic party at Monica’s

My close friends already know how much I love surprising people, cooking and baking for my dear ones, giving small presents now and then. I do it to see the big smile on their faces and to get free hugs :). Basically, I enjoy making these things; from planning to really doing them.

Sunday afternoon. I knew for sure I want to have a picnic party in the garden, so I made a big event invitation. From this point the madness started… I went through Pinterest and Instagram and search for the best ideas to throw a cute and easy picnic party. Party actually means a nice place, great people, good food, champagne and some music 🙂 . Continue reading

Makeup I love at the moment

Let’s say spring just arrived and left in the same time. Still, I really feel like wearing spring makeup. Well, what is spring makeup? For me it is for sure a fresh, clean and glowy makeup. Lately, I try to avoid super shimmery shadows. However, glitter sparkle cannot beat anything else.

No-makeup makeup is still makeup, guys. What I think lots of people miss is that makeup is not only eyeshadow, liner or mascara. So, if you put tons of foundation on, your no-makeup makeup is actually cake-makeup. You know what I mean with this. About contouring I prefer to skip talking, as it makes no sense to say that a straight line on both cheeks can ever be a no-makeup makeup. So, when I’m not a master at this, I just don’t do it 😉

At the moment, I really feel like showing my real age as well as possible (still enjoying it 😉 ). Well, a bit younger is also not a big problem ;). What I do for it?! I just try to enhance whatever I like about myself by using makeup.

This is exactly what I use as everyday look most of the time. And it makes me feel so healthy and fresh and never “too much”. I love hearing “wow, you look way better without makeup”, when I actually spend 30 minutes putting on makeup :).

P.S. Secret! It’s quite hard to meet me when I have no makeup on 😉 Continue reading

Grandma’s drink for sore throat

If you are searching for the best recipe to fight the sore throat, keep reading! It is revolutionary (and super tasty)!

For some weeks already, I thought that I will just get rid of my winter clothes and enjoy the spring pastels. Sandals, hats, skirts and all these items that scream “spring”. Well, it seems like it was a joke. No surprise that I could still see people on the streets wearing their winter parkas. Together with the cherry blossom from the trees, I also got enthusiastic about the sun. So enthusiastic, blindly in love with the spring colors, and so disappointed to end up bringing back my deeply hidden winter jumpers.

No, the sandals were not a good idea when outside it was snowing in the middle of April. As the party season is on and there is no chance to stay in bed and recover, I had to come up with a reliable recipe. What else if not the old recipe from my grandma?! She always knew the best way to make sure I always go to school even when I get sick 😉 It’s fortunately not the case anymore, but I would love to go party when the weekend comes. Try it out and I promise there is a big chance that you will dance this weekend! Enjoy! Continue reading

Creamy mango smoothie

Searching for a great smoothie idea? Not sure what to drink before gym? Need a boost of energy?

Well, it happens sometimes that I have no energy to even go to the gym and I really feel like having something fresh just before it. As a big caffeine addict, I had to think how to incorporate some into my pre-fitness snack/drink. I was positively surprised of the idea of Matcha tea after finding out how amazing it is for health. It has not only antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, minerals, but also the ability to burn calories, boost the metabolism, relax the body and calm the mind. Sounds like the secret of life! Well, I know for sure it wakes me up and gives me the boost I need to train hard 🙂

This is how I came up with a great smoothie recipe which combines some of my most loved ingredients. It tastes creamy, fluffy and sweet, fresh and strong. It just makes you feel healthy and strong! Enjoy it! Continue reading

Fresh bread in 45 minutes

True story! I promised myself to stop eating lots of bread and to “miss” the bread section in the supermarket. Woke up one day, early evening, after a 30-minutes nap, with a crazy desire of eating freshly baked bread. No frozen bread in the freezer, no bread in the fridge, no supermarket open. I instantly panicked, but remembered a recipe I found long time ago. Fresh, tasty and crunchy bread in 45 minutes. Can you even believe it? Try it out and I promise you will love it. Enjoy! Continue reading

How I fight with the headache #1

Spring or not, there are sometimes days when you get suddenly headache. Apparently, no painkiller sends it away and Google only informs you that you might have several life threatening diseases. Doctor visits, lots of water, sleep, food and much more. If none of this works out, be sure you are not sick. With not appropriate medical knowledge, I can tell you that not your body is ill, but your soul. Maybe it is stress, maybe worries, maybe sadness, maybe you just need a break.

Firstly, I have tried all the medical and non-medical recommendations, I drank more water than my body could accept, I overslept, I was pretty much healthy. What nobody told me was to relax. Maybe a massage, maybe hot bath, an herbal tea, a nice book, a holiday or whatever works for you. All these bits can contribute together to a painless life. Continue reading

How I make the best wild garlic pesto

Wild garlic has incredible health benefits. It is known to be antibacterial, antiviral and rich in vitamins and minerals. Vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron, phosphorus, copper.  These things I cannot test myself, but I can definitely tell you that the taste of this plant is divine. Well, due to my culture and family traditions, I am the biggest fan of garlic and garlic flavour. So, I could not miss this amazing opportunity to get it into my kitchen. Continue reading